Butter Factory Studios

Butter Factory Studios


Butter Factory Studios is home to nine artists working in a variety of media. As well as being an open workspace and gallery, the studio hosts life drawing sessions, workshops and exhibitions by guest artists.  There is always something new to explore at Butter Factory Studios.

The studios are on the ground floor of the restored Old Butter Factory, a character-filled building in central Denmark which also houses a cafe restuarant and gift shop.

The resident artists are:

Robyn Lees: Clay and Glass Artist, Painting and Mixed Media and Tuition

Helmie Van Melle: Painting and Mixed Media

Alison Kershaw: Painting and Printmaking

Nikki Green: Printmaking, Painting, Mixed-Media and Tuition

Barb Thayne: Painting and Printmaking

Janine McCrum: Printmaking, Ceramics, Textiles and Mixed Media

Gabriele Gehlhaar: Stone, Mixed Media and Painting

Leanne Fry:  Painting, Encoustic and Printmaking

Melissa Boughey: Painting, Drawing and Mixed Media



5 thoughts on “About

  1. Does Butter Factory Studios have an email list I could subscribe to (for news re upcoming exhibitions etc)? With thanks, Fiona

    • Yes please supply us with some information and I can add you to the list. Alternatively, if you are local, you may with to visit the Butter Factory and write down your contact details in our book of contacts.
      Regards, Nikki Green

  2. Hi, We visited the Butter Factory Gallery on 11th October and spent some time talking to the artist on duty. Could you tell me which artist did the nude sketches and the nude paintings that have a “cracked” effect that were on display.
    We just loved the gallery as a whole and the work (paintings and sculptures) in it is wonderful. You are doing a great job in your gallery and are an asset to the town.

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