Butter Factory Studios, 10-12 Mount Shadforth Rd, Denmark, Western Austraia, 6333

Phone: 0410 891 136

Gabriele Gehlhaar  –  0467 402 481

Nikki Green  –   0421 958 063

Alison Kershaw  –   0406 795 941

Robyn Lees  –   0438 466 434

Janine Mcrum  –   9848 1750

Barb Thayne  –  0412 915 051

Helmie Van Melle  –   0410 891 136

Melissa Boughey – 0427 798 425

5 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi – I really want to go on your database because I don’t want to miss the next Robyn Lees sculpture workshop!! I own a couple of pieces of her work and can’t wait to see her methods. I am living in Qld so I need to save my pennies! Do you have any idea when the next one might be? My email in, and my mobile is 0402 542 045
    Have a great day –

  2. Hi, I bought a beautiful door harp at your gallery (around 20 th January). I brought it safely home to switzerland. Now I’d like to know, which wood material the main part is made of.
    Thank you for your answer!
    A lot of love
    Jacqueline Krarup

  3. I bought a beautiful vase decorated with i think lotus. I know the artist went to Japan and would like to know her name. I paid about $280 for it if that helps or I could send a photo. I love this piece and would like to know more about the artist

    • Sincere apologies for the extreme delay in our response…we are not regularly checking this site (obviously) and aim to improve our presence on our social media…the name of the artist whose vase you purchased is Mary Wallace. All the best! Nikki Green

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